Navel Oranges

The oranges of Naranjas del Carmen are cultivated in Valencia without any herbicides or pesticides using the resources of our environment in an optimal way. Based on our philosophy we produce fruits of the highest quality completely naturally. It's almost magical that while ordering on this website your future oranges are still hanging on their tree. You will receive fresh oranges that haven't been treated. Home delivery included in the price.
Box of Navel oranges (5kg) | Naranjas del Carmen
Cultivated completely naturally without any pesticides. The pests are controled ecologically by creating an ecosystem, which maintains the balance of the insects and minerals of the soil. More information about our cultivation philosophy.

They are not treated with wax or preservatives (you can use the peel).
Avrg. amount/kg
Between 4 and 7 oranges. In this seaosn, the average is 5 fruits.
Shelf life
2 to 3 weeks stored at a cool and airy place. The fruits have been shipped directly after having been picked and are not treated with any preservative. Hence, if one fruit gets bad please seperate it from the others so it doesn't infect them.
Further Characteristics
Ripen on their tree until the shipment day. We harvest them manually one by one and do not treat them with wax or other substances afterwards. They can be peeled easily and are very juicy. Therefore, they can be eaten directly or consumed as orange juice. Do not contain pits.
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Our oranges are now enjoying their well deserved summer hibernation, so unfortunately we can't offer you any oranges...

But don't worry, because right now, for the first time ever, we are offering delicious pumpkins from our summer garden!

We return to citrus fruits with the mandarins in November. If you'd like to stay informed about their progress, leave us your email so we can make contact once they are ready!
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Our harvest is limited. Please leave us your contact details if you would like to be informed about the harvest periods of our orchard:
You can adopt an olive tree or adopt an orange tree throughout the whole year.