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Almonds with skin<br>(4 bags of 0,5kg)

Almonds with skin
(4 bags of 0,5kg)

37 €
Box of four 0.5kg bags (2kg) of peeled almonds of the Constantí, Lauranne and Vairo varieties.
Almonds with skin<br>(bag of 0,5kg)

Almonds with skin
(bag of 0,5kg)

10 €
Bag with 0.5kg of peeled almonds of the Constantí, Lauranne and Vairo varieties
Mix box of winter-vegetables<br>(box of 4.5 kg)

Mix box of winter-vegetables
(box of 4.5 kg)

18 €
In your box, you'll receive 4.5 kg of a mix of (at least) four seasonal vegetables: cauliflower, purple cauliflower, broccoli, romanesco, red cabbage, cabbage, kohlrabi, celery root, fennel or leek, all of which we grow outdoors and in compliance with European organic farming regulations.

Book "Lang lebe die Mittelmeerdiät"

19,50 €
“Long live the Mediterranean diet” explains the benefits of the Mediterranean diet, which have a global effect on our physical and mental well-being. With concrete examples and simple recipes, this book makes it easy to integrate the Mediterranean diet into everyday life.
Kohlrabi<br>(1kg, ~2 pieces)

(1kg, ~2 pieces)

4 €
0.75kg of white kohlrabi from our garden, cultivated completely naturally
Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil<br>(2,5l container)

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
(2,5l container)

43 €
A container with 2.5l of our organic extra virgin olive oil. It has been elaborated in a cold-press process based on the olive variety arbequina.
Oil bottle set

Oil bottle set

23 €
Bottle made of glass with the spout and funnel made of stainless steel, a cork stopper, an organic cotton cloth, and cork coaster
Dried Persimmon (250g)

Dried Persimmon (250g)

7,50 €
Dried slices of persimmon made from persimmons of our own cultivation.
Orange jam<br>(420g)

Orange jam

10 €
Home-made jam from our oranges sweetened with organic cane sugar.
Citrus jam<br>(420g)

Citrus jam

10 €
Home-made jam from our oranges, grapefruits and lemons sweetened with organic cane sugar
Lemon jam<br>(420g)

Lemon jam

11 €
Home-made jam from our lemons sweetened sweetened with organic sugar.
Clementine jam<br>(420g)

Clementine jam

10 €
Home-made jam from our clementines sweetened with organic cane sugar.
Bag made out of natural fiber<br>(perfect if you want to share)

Bag made out of natural fiber
(perfect if you want to share)

2,30 €
This bag is perfect if you would like to share your order. Designed by us and produced by the PRODIS foundation where people with special skills are working.
Professional fruit press<br>handmade in Spain

Professional fruit press
handmade in Spain

720 €
The best juice extractor of all times. The design has remained the same since 1948 and they are made by hand in Spain.

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Our oranges are now enjoying their well deserved summer hibernation, so unfortunately we can't offer you any oranges...

But don't worry, because right now, for the first time ever, we are offering delicious pumpkins from our summer garden!

We return to citrus fruits with the mandarins in November. If you'd like to stay informed about their progress, leave us your email so we can make contact once they are ready!
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Our harvest is limited. Please leave us your contact details if you would like to be informed about the harvest periods of our orchard:
You can adopt an olive tree or adopt an orange tree throughout the whole year.