Professional fruit press<br>handmade in Spain

Professional fruit press
handmade in Spain

LOMI is a professional fruit press with very high quality. It was made in Spain by hand, is very robust and can be used for all kind of citrus fruits.
Professional Juice Extractor LOMI | Naranjas del Carmen
In 1948, Lorenzo Miguel had the dream to design the most resistant fruit press that has ever been manufactured – a fruit press that accompanies you during your entire life. With a lot of passion and effort he has turned its dream into reality. This juice extractor with the name LOMI, based on the name and surname of its creator, is fabricated in the same way and with the same design since then. More the 60 years the best Spanish Cafés, Restaurants and Hotels trust in its quality.
Manual production
It is made out of stainless steel and allows the squeezing of fruits of different diameters. As it is not necessary to apply pressure on the fruit, the juice does not contain neither pulp nor the oil of the peel of the fruits.
Simple. Elegant. For a lifetime.
The upper part of the juice extractor, which is in direct contact with the fruit, is easy to dismount and both the protective cap, the pressing cone as well as the filter and the collection and draining basin can be washed easily, even in the dishwasher. It has a motor of 220W wich enables you to prepare multiple juices at once. All of the materials used and the indivual componenst are produced to last a lifetime.

Especially for oranges, manadrins, lemons, limes, pomegranates etc. See video.
720 €

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